An ISO 9001:2008 Company According to WHO and GMP Standards


Astrica Biomedics has a premium brand image through a strong marketing and sales presence throughout India. Astrica Biomedics is renowned and best known for being caring PHARMA PCD organization having showcasing group with an astounding items administration expertise. We believe we are adolescent and always looking for new changes and offers.

Astrica Biomedics is always developing its arrangement of in-authorized items and offers PCD pharma establishment items to other pharmaceutical companies.

Astrica Biomedics is undoubtedly one of the premium names due to our hard-earned creditability of providing the best of our medical practitioners and the healthcare fraternity. The successful companies of tomorrow are those who go beyond delivering products to provide real solutions and services. Our marketing team comprises of well experienced persons with appropriate technical and commercial skills, who are constantly in surge of increasing customer service and satisfaction levels. We the PHARMA PCD COMPANY work toward building a stronger and more viable healthcare company for tomorrow. If you have the talent and zeal to achieve the best and want to join us in our ambition to protect health, bring hope and enhance life for the millions around the globe, we at Astrica will provide you the opportunity, a conductive and vibrant work culture, opportunities to learn and grow. We constantly work on bringing innovative products to the market and seizing value enhancing growth opportunities with the best.

Our Products

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